nathaniel allen evans

nathaniel allen evans

in short

I am a musician, neuroscientist, computer scientist, and a mixed-media artist who, with eternal curiousity and a proclivity for collaboration, is involved in diverse projects. I am presently based in charming, picturesque Lutry, Switzerland where I live and adventure with my beautiful, inspiring, and talented partner AEBO, our little gem Florentine, our stoic beau Julius, and our furry daughter with a moustache Luna.

This site is a portal to my work and passions. Happy exploring.


This site was born from an identity crisis: when meeting new people who posed the question "What do you do?", I'd pause, and struggle to respond. This is not a trick question, so why hesitate?

My story felt cluttered; it lacked a dominant direction and an evident career path. I spent years studying computer science and applied mathematics, but then I became a barista and ski bum, obsessing over coffee culture and traveling the backcountry on telemark skis. I later moved to Switzerland and completed a Masters in artificial intelligence and biocomputation, but then I switched tracks again, opting to do a doctoral degree in neuroscience on bodily self-perception and cognitive neuroprosthetics. After cultivating a deep understanding of the brain, another curveball: I left the academy to focus on music production, sound engineering, and DJing. I dabbled in foreign language translation, website development, and songwriting with radio-pop stars. Although I have now managed to unite music, neuroscience, and computer science in my most recent projects, my life seems to be a collection of parallel careers. If I truly identify with all of these facets of my life, how can I quickly and honestly answer that seemingly innocuous question of what I do?

The answer turned out to be simple: accept that I am the sum of parts. My life is an ongoing narrative; it is not a final destination marked by permanent status. My career path is inherently nonlinear. The labels that describe me are nebulous and evolving.

This website therefore collects the bits and pieces from which I am composed, and it helps me understand myself. By organizing and sorting my work here at a birds-eye view, I am convinced that a singular red thread emerges. If you close your eyes and let your vision blur, my professional profile comes into focus: I'm mostly a musician and a scientist. I'm equally into disarray, emotion and mystery as I am into structure, logic, and knowledge. I like to experience the moment in its raw form, but I also like to step back, and analyze and contextualize my experiences.

And thus, the backstory of how my projects span such disparate disciplines. I believe that each project, no matter how disconnected it may seem from the others, is a source of co-inspiration. Sometimes I even manage to unite my passions into a single work. Here's to trying.