nathaniel allen evans

nathaniel allen evans

madnax and the band

In 2013 and 2014, I worked on this ambitious, mixed-arts project. We first recorded and produced a 10-track album (still unreleased and top secret). The album explores the shared roots of different styles of world music and infuses them with electronic elements. There are touches of African blues, flamenco, Persian rap, warped choral pop, downtempo, techno and house. To understand how these could possibly fit together, you'll have to listen. Snippets can be heard here (or below). If you want the full album ahead of release, contact me.

For the second phase, we took up the challenge of reproducing the album in a live acoustic/electronic show. With my dear friends Pär Hälje, Maxime Leonard, Benoit Mariani, and Djely Mamou Kouyaté, I camped out in The Womb for months, practicing and collaborating with visual multimedia artists BigMap to do visuals. In addition to the sound and images, we added elements of contemporary dance, where a dance troupe choreographed costumed, themed dances to four of the titles from the album.

The flood of work led to two performances, both of which were captured with (flawed) footage and low resolution sound. You can peak into them below, though be warned that the sound and video quality is not optimal. To experience the full magic, I guess you had to be there.

D! Club, Lausanne (2014)

Caprices Festival (2014)

Coming soon ...