nathaniel allen evans

nathaniel allen evans


Since my "wild" youth, I've been drawn to learning programming languages and to applying technologies toward problem solving. Over the years, I have utilized my training as a computer scientist to develop software for various applications. I also do IT consulting work, for instance designing web sites and programming software solutions (e.g. large data set manipulation) for businesses.

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I co-developed a piece of python-based software aimed at the design and execution of scientific experiments. ExpyVR allows researchers to provide complex stimuli in a rigorous, repeatable fashion across multiple participants.

Experiments in cognitive neuroscience and psychology have become progressively more complex due to measures obtained through new technologies. We try to abstract away complicated technical elements that are repeated across experiments, allowing researchers to concentrate on their experimental design.

The implementation is based off of PsychoPY, an experimental framework used in psychology. We extended and elaborated upon their idea of experimental automation, further embedding the possibility to add and experimentally manipulate 3D Virtual Reality components (via openGL).

The Birth of Creation is a mixed-arts project where an amalgam of different technologies are fused together to translate neuro-electrical signals into visuals.

The first component is a Java-based biosignal recording and decoding module. Using this software, electrical brain signals are measured from musicans and transmitted wirelessly using the Emotiv Epoc+ EEG SDK. Additional information, such as head position and rotation, the electrocardiogram, and respiration are also measured. All of these biological signals are statistically classified into features which are transformed into OSC messages conforming to a mapping language.

The OSC messages are then sent over the network and interpreted in software that controls the visuals. Originally, the visuals module was coded in Java using Processing, though we recently switched to a new approach where we use Modul8 to layer and effect videos while performing a 2D-3D mapping.

During my Masters and PhD, I often programmed in Matlab. In particular, I extended Pär Halje's neuroscientific toolkit MeanMachine by coding a suite of data analysis tools to perform statistical machine learning analyses on neural data collected via electroencephalography or electrocorticography. Contact me if you want this machine learning Matlab suite for EEG data.

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I started making websites back in the infancy of the Internet. How the times have changed. Here is a small portfolio of my most recent websites, which primarily use HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP and JQuery.

Electronic music festival. 5 event websites (2014-2016)

Birth of Creation: mixed-media arts project

This website.
Meta reference: check.

Website for youniverse: a personal music project.

Website for madnax: a personal music project.

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I also offer consulting services for tailored IT solutions. I work with businesses to create in-house solutions that piece together different technologies for specialized needs. I often work with manipulating and parsing large data sets, irrespective of the type of data (e.g. music authorship rights, food and beverage, etc...)

With nearly 20 years of experience in IT work, I deeply understand the ebb and flow of new technologies and programming languages. What's most important: I'm at peace with the machines.

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University of Geneva