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nathaniel allen evans

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I have published several scholarly articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and I am currently working on a popular science book on creativity, improvisation, abstraction, and the unconscious.

Check in every now and again, as I'll post updates here on my quest to transcribe and describe.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Evans, N., Gale, S., Schurger, A., & Blanke, O. (2015). Visual Feedback Dominates the Sense of Agency for Brain-Machine Actions. PloS One, 10(6).

Heydrich, L., Marillier, G., Evans, N., Blanke, O., & Seeck, M. (2015). Lateralising value of experiential hallucinations in temporal lobe epilepsy. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

Evans, N., Blanke, O. (2013). Shared electrophysiology mechanisms of body ownership and motor imagery. NeuroImage.

Hara, M., Rognini, G., Evans, N., Blanke, O., Yamamoto, A. (2011). A novel approach to the manipulation of body-parts ownership using a bilateral master-slave system. IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), San Francisco, USA.

Schwabe, L. Evans, N. Leggenhager, B. Blanke, O. (2008). Mental perspective transformations: ERP analyses and single trial EEG classification. CoSYNE. Salt Lake City, USA.

Tanimoto, S. Evans, N. Carlson, A. (2007). Using Graphical Models to Unobtrusively Assess Student Performance in Educational Image Processing Activities. Advanced Learning Technologies. Volume 7. Pg. 848-852.

Tanimoto, S. Evans, N. Carlson, A. (2007). Sequential Input Graphical Model Assessment Diagrams for Analysis of Student Activity Data. Advanced Learning Technologies. Volume 7. Pg. 686-690.

Shenoy, P. Miller, K.J. Evans, N. Ojemann, J. Rao, R. (2006). Robust Classification of Electrocorticographic Signals for BCI. 3rd International BCI Workshop, Graz, Austria.

Selected Conference Proceedings (Peer-reviewed Articles & Invited Talks)

Evans, N. Gale, S., Blanke, O. (2012) The sense of agency over actions mediated by direct cortical control. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Brighton, England.

Evans, N., Gale, S., Blanke, O. (2011) Conflicts between motor intentions and artificial sensory consequences via a real-time brain computer interface alter intention recognition but not classification performance. Society for Neuroscience (SfN), Washington DC, USA.

Evans, N. & Blanke, O. (2010). Fully-automated modulation of virtual-body ownership suppresses fronto-parietal mu rhythm. Human Brain Mapping, Barcelona, Spain.

Evans, N. & Blanke, O. (2010). Cognitive neuroprosthetics: Single-trial classification in a brain-computer interface task depends on illusory body ownership. Society for Neuroscience (SfN), San Diego, USA.

Evans, N. & Blanke, O. (2010) Electrophysiological mechanisms of body ownership. Alpine Brain Imaging Meeting, Champerey, Switzerland.

Evans, N. & Blanke, O. (2010) The electrophysiology of virtual-body ownership and motor imagery: A VR-EEG study. Body Representation in Physical and Virtual Reality with Application to Rehabilitation, Ascona, Switzerland.

Doctoral Thesis
Evans, N. (2013). Cognitive Neuroprosthetics: Body Ownership and agency for brain-machine actions. EPFL Doctoral Thesis 5632. Lausanne, Switzerland.

Masters Thesis
Evans, N. (2008). Single trial analyses of novel cognitive tasks in an EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface framework. Masters Thesis (EPFL). Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bachelors Thesis
Evans, N. (2005). The GMA Gnome: Providing Automated Assessment via Graphical Models. University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering Honors Thesis. Seattle, WA, USA.

In progress...
Evans, N., Rezende, DJ., Gerstner, W., Blanke, O. A Bayesian account of body ownership. [Under peer review]

Evans, N., Blanke, O. Illusory ownership alters decoding of lateralized motor imagery in a non-invasive brain-machine interface. [in preparation] Evans, N., Herbelin, B., Blanke, O. [in preparation]