nathaniel allen evans

nathaniel allen evans


I write songs and coach artists on singing in English. I offer services to write, co-write, and critique lyrics, casting my critical ear on songs in hopes to boil it down to its poetic essence. I additionally accompany artists to the recording studio in order to help their English pronunciation and phrasing while recording vocal takes.

I use a collaborative approach where I attempt to understand the artist's unique perspective on the world. I am proficient in six languages, serving as an asset to understand what non-native English artists intend to say. My creative work therefore takes into account the artist's intended message for a given song, their personality, the target audience, and the style of the music.

I work in iterative songwriting sessions, where I first meet with the artist in personal, one-on-one sessions to assess the main message and background of the song. Then, I work alone to make melodic and lyrical suggestions. From there, we bounce ideas back and forth and work toward a common set of lyrics and melodic phrases.

A list of artists with whom I work, as well as reference material is available on this page. If you are interested in working with me, contact me .

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Work with:
Bastian Baker
Anach Cuan
Anach Cuan

Personal lyrical projects:
madnax and the band
Love Bunker
Meta Memes
Bearded Parrot